Roadworthy Inspections near St Kilda Road & South Melbourne

A roadworthy inspection is carried out to assess the roadworthiness of a vehicle. If all the items required to be checked are found in good working condition, then a roadworthy certificate is issued for your vehicle.

A roadworthy inspection is a must in circumstances where a vehicle has to resold or re-registered. It is also required when a previous defect notice on a vehicle needs to be cleared. We conduct roadworthy inspections for all makes and models of cars.

Get a Roadworthy Inspection for Your Vehicle near South Melbourne & Port Melbourne

Our technicians are licensed to perform roadworthy inspection and issue a roadworthy certificate. In case your vehicle doesn’t clear the test, we will repair the defective items and conduct the inspection again within 7 days. You can also stop by our shop if you live near South Melbourne, Port Melbourne, and St Kilda Road areas.

Roadworthy inspection South Melbourne


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