Maintaining Your Car Exhaust System – Points You Need to Know

Car exhaust systems are a mystery to most of the common folk who use their cars in Melbourne. You need not have extensive knowledge about the intricacies of the car exhaust systems, but a normal car user in Melbourne should know just enough to maintain their car exhaust systems without having to take their cars to an exhaust shop for costly exhaust repairs.

Car Exhaust System

Soot Will Build Up in Your Exhaust System Over Time

If you are a car owner in Melbourne who uses their car to do small frequent trips without letting it run at considerable speeds, then soot can build up in your car exhaust systems. This is common for cars who ply in high traffic roads of Melbourne and are not often able to increase their speeds much. All this start and stop journeys will cause soot build-up in the catalytic converter (for petrol cars) or the Diesel particulate filter (for diesel vehicles). This soot will eventually damage your car exhaust system enough to warrant extensive exhaust repairs at the nearest exhaust shop.

How Can a Professional Service Counteract Potential Cases of Build-up?

Most manufacturers advise that vehicles need to be driven at a reasonable speed for a reasonable distance once every two to three weeks. Ideally, the distance should be about twenty to thirty miles at a dual carriageway or motorway speed. This is essential to remove the soot build-up in your car exhaust systems catalytic converter or the Diesel particulate filter. This is more important for diesel cars because the cost of regeneration or replacement of the diesel particulate filter is quite high and is something you want to avoid. In the case of petrol cars, water will be produced as a by-product of combustion and this water will build up in the exhaust system over time. This water will cause rusting of your car exhaust system.

How to recognize a fault or damaged car exhaust system?

  • A damaged or faulty exhaust will produce noise which will be unusual. Listen for road type sounds which might indicate a hole in your exhaust pipe. These holes might have formed due to rusting of the car exhaust system or due to water formation during combustion.
  • A persistent rattle can be the result of a loose part within your exhaust. This also can arise due to rusting of the exhaust system which causes certain parts to become loose or detached.
  • A tinkling type of noise coming from your exhaust is usually an issue with your silencer.

All these indications suggest an immediate visit to a car exhaust shop because immediate exhaust repairs are required.

Moreover, Vehicle emission testing is an important procedure to ensure that your car exhaust systems are in good condition and the emission is below standard limits. Your vehicle will be revved hard during the test and can induce damage to your vehicle unless your engine is warm. Hence it is important to warm your car engine before conducting the emission test.

What Next? Choose the Leaders in Mechanical Repairs

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